• The Medieval and Catholic Roots of American Democracy

    Ask a typical college student today who “invented” American democracy and you’ll most likely be told “the Founding Fathers, of course.” If you’re lucky, this typical student might then go on to tell you a bit more, namely, that the historical roots of the American republic are to be... Read more
  • Illinois Bishops Denounce Rush to Advance ‘Reproductive Health Act’

    The Catholic bishops of Illinois criticized a push to pass a bill enshrining abortion in state law in the final days of the legislative session, without hearings or the public release of a final text. They said the bill is a drastic overhaul of current abortion law that would go “further... Read more
  • Washington Post Fact-Checks Planned Parenthood Claim about Women Dying from Illegal Abortions

    The Washington Post fact checker slammed Planned Parenthood with its worst rating this week for claiming thousands of women died from illegal abortions annually prior to Roe v. Wade. The abortion chain’s new president, Leana Wen, made the claim repeatedly over the past few months, but it... Read more
  • Pope Francis: ‘I knew nothing about McCarrick’

    Pope Francis has said that he did not know anything about accusations of sexual abuse by Theodore McCarrick, the former cardinal and Archbishop of Washington, prior to when the accusations became public in 2018. “I knew nothing about McCarrick, of course, nothing. I have said it several... Read more
  • European nun killed in Central African Republic, where she taught local girls

    A 77-year-old European nun was found with her throat cut near her home in the Central African Republic Monday morning, Vatican News reported. The body of Sister Inés Nieves Sancho was discovered at her workshop in the village of Nola, which is part of the Diocese of Berberati. The... Read more
  • Knife attack on students from Catholic school in Japan leaves 3 dead

    A man carrying a knife in each hand and screaming “I will kill you!” attacked a group of schoolgirls and adults as he walked toward a school bus parked at a bus stop just outside Tokyo on Tuesday, killing two and injuring 16 before killing himself, officials said. Most of the victims were... Read more
  • Muslim Mob in Kenya Destroys Churches and Christian Shops

    Nearly two weeks ago, a disagreement between Muslims and the local community in Kiamaiko, Nairobi, culminated in a mass attack by young Muslim men. The mob injured several Christians and destroyed the property of four churches: Kingdom Gospel for All Nations Ministry, Evangelical Victory Church... Read more
  • Venezuela crisis: Delegates to meet for Norway peace talks

    Representatives of Venezuela's government and opposition are returning to Norway's capital, Oslo, for talks on how to address the political crisis. The meeting, scheduled for next week, was confirmed by Norway's government, which reiterated its commitment to helping to find a... Read more
  • The European Center Weakens

    It is never clear how seriously one should take elections to the European Parliament. The body itself controls a budget that runs only to 1 percent of the European Union’s combined GDP (compare that to the U.S. federal budget’s 20 percent or France’s nearly 50 percent). Voters regard the... Read more
  • The Jewish Defenders of Pius XII

    Given the suffering they have historically endured, the Jewish people excel at distinguishing friends from foes. Such vigilance may help explain a certain wariness toward the Catholic Church. Religious rivalry over the person of Jesus Christ has marked Catholic-Jewish relations for 2,000... Read more