• “Lead, kindly light…”: Waiting and reflecting in London

    There’s a bus that leaves at the end of our street which goes to St John Henry Newman’s childhood home by the Thames at Ham. It’s a pleasant ride though the suburbs, and Ham, on arrival, is a lovely spot. It lies right by the river between Kingston and Richmond, near Richmond Park. The... Read more
  • Diocese to Host Online Lecture on Prisoner-Priest in USSR, Dealing with Isolation

    Fr. Walter Ciszek, S.J. wanted to be a missionary in the Soviet Union. He didn't know he'd spend most of the decades he lived inside the country within the walls of a prison, much of the time in complete isolation. But Ciszek found closeness to God in labor camps and prison cells, never knowing... Read more
  • Trump unveils administration’s coronavirus testing plan: ‘There is a hunger to getting our country back’

    President Trump released on Monday the White House’s blueprint for expanding testing and rapid response programs as he looks to gradually reopen the country amid the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking at a news conference in the White House Rose garden, Trump praised the... Read more
  • Study finds young strong in faith amid virus, but increasingly lonely

    A new study finds that while young people are experiencing heightened levels of loneliness and isolation as a result of social distancing, they are not experiencing a decline in their faith. Among those surveyed, 35 percent of respondents said that they are actually experiencing an increase... Read more
  • Arrested Catholic lawyer warns of Chinese repression in Hong Kong

    A Catholic lawyer says his arrest last Saturday is part of mainland China’s wide-ranging efforts to tighten control over Hong Kong. His ordeal follows his participation in months of pro-democracy protests on the island, which have been slowed by the coronavirus pandemic. Hong Kong... Read more
  • How Did the Saints Handle Irritations?

    Irritations are a chance for us to practice patience and grow in grace; and when you think about it, that’s really the smartest and most efficient way to handle them. If we can’t do anything about an irritating situation (and that’s often the case), we can at least make sure we derive... Read more
  • Hunger in Venezuela becoming ‘a fuel more dangerous than gasoline’

    An archbishop in Venezuela warned that desperation is growing in the country, as the national coronavirus quarantine measures have compounded a tenuous political and economic situation. He urged people in the country to resist violence and social unrest. Extreme hunger “does not reason... Read more
  • Bishops Weigh How and When to Resume Public Masses

    Amid debates about how and when to resume gatherings and reopen schools and businesses around the United States, many Catholics have been left wondering: What about Mass? Public Masses around the country have been suspended or limited to small numbers in an ongoing effort to slow the spread... Read more
  • Shakespeare and the Gunpowder Plot

    The fact that Shakespeare was a believing Catholic in very anti-Catholic times can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. The evidence is convincing in terms of what is known about his life and from what can be seen in his plays and poems. Since this is so, it’s intriguing to consider... Read more
  • The Virus, Abortion, and the Ethic of Isolation

    As I pen these words tens of thousands of human beings have perished due to the worldwide pandemic of the Coronavirus—over 25,000 in Italy alone. Hardly a corner of the globe has been left unaffected, with the United States leading the way in the number of confirmed cases, with over... Read more