Kresta in the Afternoon – September 16, 2020 – Hour 1

+  Kresta Comments: A Well-Formed Conscience (Faithful Citizenship Series)

  • Description: How Does the Church Help the Catholic Faithful to Speak About Political and Social Questions? What does it mean to have a well-formed conscience? What does it mean for abortion to have "preeminent priority?" Al examines these points as part of our ongoing Faithful Citizenship series.
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+  St. Pio Relics Headed to Ann Arbor - Who Was St Pio?

  • Description: On September 22 Old St. Pats Church in Ann Arbor will host an official visit of 1st Class Relics of St Padre Pio, including gauze with his blood stains and a piece of his hair. We'll talk about the life of Pio and the story of these relics with Luciano Lamonarca.
  • Segment Guests:
    • Luciano Lamonarca
      Luciano Lamonarca is the founder, honorary chairman, president and CEO of the Saint Pio Foundation. He's also an opera singer, crossover artist, keynote speaker and philanthropist whose international work has supported charitable cases across Europe and the US. Visit
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+  Kresta Comments: Why Do Catholics Honor Relics?

  • Description: Isn't relic veneration just a form of idolatry? And why do Catholics pay any attention to a fragment of bone from someone who died centuries ago? Al explains.
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    • Why Do Catholics Genuflect?

      Mary and the other saints, the Eucharist and the confessional, popes and purgatory, mortal sin and holy water... Are you puzzled by all that "Catholic stuff"? To encounter the Catholic Church is to discover a rich, complex heritage of Christian faith and practice. Its ancient traditions carry deep meaning for some believers - but they raise perplexing isues from others. Why Do Catholic Genuflect? answers in clear, concise terms many of the most common questions asked about the Catholic faith - queries such as these: - Why do Catholics make so much of Mary? - Do Catholics really think the pope is infallible? - Why do Catholics confess to a priest? - Do Catholics still believe in purgatory and mortal sin? - Were Catholics ever forbidden to read the Bible? - Why don't Catholics practice artificial contraception? - Aren't annulments just Catholic divorces? Non-Catholics, new Catholics, and even "cradle Catholics" will find here fresh insights into the Church's liturgy, sacraments, hierarchy, and much more. If you have questions about distinctive CAtholic beliefs and practices, Why Do Catholics Genuflect? has the answers. (learn more)

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