• Australian journalists face court date over Pell trial coverage

    A judge in the Australian state of Victoria has proposed beginning a trial in November to prosecute journalists and media outlets for violating a court-imposed reporting ban on the trial of Cardinal George Pell in 2018. Victoria Supreme Court Judge John Dixon said Tuesday that the trial... Read more
  • Cincinnati auxiliary bishop resigns after failing to act on allegations

    Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Bishop Joseph Binzer, Cincinnati's auxiliary bishop, who was accused in August of failing to act on allegations made against a priest.  A statement from the Holy See press office May 7 said the pope had accepted the 65-year-old bishop’s... Read more
  • After Cardinal Pell’s Rightful Acquittal

    The unanimous decision by Australia’s High Court to quash Cardinal George Pell’s convictions on charges of “historic sexual abuse” and acquit him of those crimes was entirely welcome. Truth and justice were served. An innocent man was freed from imprisonment. The criminal justice system... Read more
  • After criminal acquittal, Cardinal Pell likely to face several civil suits

    The High Court of Australia this week overturned Cardinal George Pell’s conviction for five alleged counts of sexual abuse, and despite his release from prison, Pell is likely to face several civil lawsuits from alleged abuse victims and their families. The High Court on April 7 overturned... Read more
  • ‘Prayer has been the great source of strength to me’: Cardinal Pell looks forward to Easter

    After more than 14 months in prison, Cardinal George Pell said he was always hopeful about the High Court decision which acquitted him of all charges and released him from incarceration on April 7. Shortly after his release from prison, the cardinal told CNA that, while he had kept faith he... Read more
  • ‘The only basis for justice is truth’ – With conviction overturned, Cardinal Pell speaks

    After his conviction for child sexual abuse was overturned Tuesday by Australia’s High Court, Cardinal George Pell has released a statement expressing gratitude to his family, friends, and legal team, and noting that he does not bear resentment toward his accuser. “I have... Read more
  • Breaking News: Cardinal Pell’s Conviction Overturned

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — After an ordeal that began nearly four years ago, and more than 13 months of imprisonment, Cardinal George Pell is expected to be released from prison imminently, after his conviction for five alleged counts of sexual abuse was overturned Tuesday by Australia’s... Read more
  • A Last Chance for Australian Justice

    On March 11-12, the High Court of Australia will hear Cardinal George Pell’s appeal of his conviction on charges of “historic sexual abuse.” The High Court has seven judges and a majority vote is required to decide an appeal. In a high-profile case like this, it is expected that all seven... Read more
  • Ireland’s Ex-President Writes to Pope Francis Over Jean Vanier

    Mary McAleese has written to Pope Francis about the allegations of sexual misconduct against L’Arche founder Jean Vanier. The former Irish president told the pope she could leave the Catholic Church if the Holy See is found to have failed to act in the case. McAleese wrote to Pope Francis... Read more
  • Beyond Personal Piety: The Laity’s Role in the Church’s Mission

    G.K. Chesterton once commented that every modern conversation begins one step too late. His assertion pertains, unfortunately, when we think of the church. Immediately we tend to think of its structure: there are the ordained, the religious, and the laity. According to this reckoning, the laity... Read more