• Don’t Cancel Flannery O’Connor

    Last week, Loyola University Maryland announced that it is renaming the Flannery O’Connor Residence Hall on campus. In an email to the Loyola community, President Brian F. Linnane, S.J., stated that he made this decision based on “information coming forward recently” which “revealed... Read more
  • Notre Dame Cathedral spire to be rebuilt as replica of pre-fire design

    President Emmanuel Macron of France has announced that the Notre Dame Cathedral spire will be rebuilt as a replica of the one destroyed in the fire at the cathedral last year. Macron’s government had previously initiated an architectural competition to submit a variety of suggestions for... Read more
  • Debunking the Myth That Christian Art Generally Portrays Christ as a Northern European Man

    Recently, there have been highly publicized calls in the U.S. by the Marxist left for the destruction of Christian images on the basis that they push a white-European stereotype of Christ as a symbol of oppression. The charge that Christians think Christ is white European is false, as a... Read more
  • Catholic teen seeks to inspire neighborhood with Marian sidewalk art

     A young Catholic artist has drawn an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary on her parents' driveway bringing religious art to her local community during the quarantine. The Diocese of Fargo posted on Facebook May 4 an image of Our Lady of Lourdes drawn by Maria Loh, a 17-year old who... Read more
  • Shakespeare and the Gunpowder Plot

    The fact that Shakespeare was a believing Catholic in very anti-Catholic times can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. The evidence is convincing in terms of what is known about his life and from what can be seen in his plays and poems. Since this is so, it’s intriguing to consider... Read more
  • One year after the fire, a French priest’s tribute to Notre-Dame

    For Fr. Pierre Amar, Notre-Dame de Paris has always been a masterpiece, “the very example of supreme beauty,” but now the Marian cathedral is also “a great burnt victim.” One year after the fire destroyed much of the cathedral’s roof and spire, the French priest shared what the... Read more
  • Let Folly be Our Cloak – Gandalf and the Wisdom of Spiritual Foolishness

    During the decisive “Council of Elrond” chapter in The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf suggests a plan that is not only dangerous but absurd: to walk into Mordor and attempt to destroy the One Ring of Power. It seems foolish, which een Gandalf admits, but the folly of the endeavor... Read more
  • Overroads Saved: G.K. Chesterton’s Historic Home to Stand

    Devotees of G.K. Chesterton are celebrating the news that Beaconsfield planning authorities have rejected plans to demolish the acclaimed Catholic writer and philosopher’s former home, Overroads. Just before Christmas, developers lodged two applications with the local council to knock the... Read more
  • Super Bowl ad highlights ‘Agape,’ known in Christianity as the greatest love

    It’s been a long time since television ads during the Super Bowl were just ads — and opportunities to make a trip to the kitchen for more chips and guacamole. We’ve gotten so accustomed to those Monday morning conversations at the office water cooler being as much about the ads as about... Read more
  • Tolkien’s Witness to the Good News

    The other day, I found myself in a cramped waiting room dominated by a television much too large and loud for the space. After the third or fourth depressing “newsworthy” tidbit in a row, an old man glanced over at me and smiled ruefully. “Why can’t they have a whole channel that... Read more