• Love Your Priests

    When I saw the video of Fr. Stephen Schumacher from the Archdiocese of St. Louis standing in front of the city’s statue of St. Louis, while surrounded by an angry mob, I knew it was a pivotal moment for priests in this country. This young priest attempted to engage with an angry mob set on... Read more
  • The Stepping Stone of Sacrifice

    Very few films capture horror like Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. Set in the decaying Mayan civilization, we see Mayan warriors raiding neighboring villages to kidnap victims and march them back to their city to be eviscerated and decapitated as offerings to their god. The scenes of savage... Read more
  • Beyond Personal Piety: The Laity’s Role in the Church’s Mission

    G.K. Chesterton once commented that every modern conversation begins one step too late. His assertion pertains, unfortunately, when we think of the church. Immediately we tend to think of its structure: there are the ordained, the religious, and the laity. According to this reckoning, the laity... Read more
  • Her Immaculate Majesty: The Other Queen of England

    Image: www.behold2020.com/dowry-tour Few people in today’s godless England have heard of Our Lady of Walsingham. But there was a time that she was known and revered throughout the whole of Christendom, to such a degree that she could be said to have put England on the map, at least in... Read more
  • 9 Days from Final Appeal, Novena for Cardinal Pell Begins

    VATICAN CITY — As Cardinal George Pell’s final appeal at Australia’s High Court draws closer, a special novena has been prepared that begins today. The prayer, published below, originates from Newman parish in Melbourne — the city where Cardinal Pell was tried. It asks the Lord... Read more
  • A Teaching On Desire From St. Augustine

    Most of the saints have written about the central battle of our life: desire. What we desire is crucial because in the end, we get what we want. Either we die wanting what God offers, or we die not wanting it. Either we love what and whom God loves, or we don’t. We tend to think that... Read more
  • Lent, fear of freedom, and love of slavery

    Image: Joshua Sortino | Unsplash.com Lent is hurtling toward us. This realization usually raises a sense of dread. The late great Fr. Alexander Schmemann may once have described Lent as “bright sadness,” but too often it seems neither bright nor sad. Rather, it often seems grey and glum.... Read more
  • In this time of great scandal, faithful priests need your love more than ever

    There’s a crisis in the Catholic Church that no one’s talking about. It’s not abuse. It’s not cover-ups. It doesn’t spring from Vatican infighting. It starts much closer to home, with the shepherds who guide the flock. Many good and godly Catholic priests are struggling with their... Read more
  • The Widow’s Mite

    There’s a story that when the Statue of Liberty was being renovated and restored in the early 1980s and money was being solicited from donors across the country, an envelope showed up with two dimes in it and a note from a young boy, saying: “This is my lunch money for today, but I am... Read more
  • Hidden and Glorious: Two Images of Mary in the Book of Revelation

    Mary has two significant appearances in the Book of Revelation. Most devout Catholics are familiar with one of them: A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars (Revelation 12:1). But there is a... Read more