• Why is St. Jude the patron of hopeless cases?

    During the 1st century Judah was a common name among Jews, and when Jesus called 12 men to become his apostles, he chose two with the name Judah. Based on the original Greek text this was rendered in Latin as Judas and for many centuries there wasn’t a linguistic separator between Judas... Read more
  • The Legacy of Father Michael McGivney, Holy Priest

    On Oct. 31, at St. Joseph Cathedral in Hartford, Connecticut, Father Michael J. McGivney will be beatified, 23 years after the opening of his cause in 1997 in the Archdiocese of Hartford. On May 27, Pope Francis approved a decree recognizing a miracle attributed to his intercession,... Read more
  • Carlo Acutis’ principal: He’s a beacon for children and young people

    Sister Miranda is the director of the school where the newly beatified computer expert, Carlo Acutis, studied. He died in 2006 at the early age of 15. She tells how part of Carlo’s greatness lies precisely in his simplicity and reserve, which at first sight made him seem like just one more... Read more
  • The Heroically Ordinary Life of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz

    By nature of our vocations, Christ calls us fathers and husbands to die, to a martyrdom of self. He calls us to lay down our lives for our brides and our families, dying to our selfish desires. St. Paul could not be clearer on this point (see Ephesians 5:25-27). It is a metaphorical death, to... Read more
  • St. John Paul II & the Theology of the Family

    On April 2, 2005, the Pope lay dying. After a nearly-27 year pontificate, one of the most famous men in the world was on his death bed. I sat at home, alone, and watched news coverage of this holy man’s last hours. That afternoon, the pope died. A few days later, as I watched coverage of his... Read more
  • Killer of martyred Italian nun: ‘I can have of her only a memory of love’

    The three teenage girls who killed Sr. Maria Laura Mainetti 20 years ago attested afterward that, while they were stabbing the 60-year-old religious sister to death, she told them she forgave them. “The sister cried out. She said she would not report us. That she forgave us,” Milena De... Read more
  • Imitating Mary The Contemplative

    We find Mary throughout the Gospel of Luke contemplating the birth and childhood of Jesus. When the shepherds tell her about the angels’ Gloria in Excelsis Deo, she keeps this incident in her heart and meditates on it. She does the same thing after finding the twelve-year-old Jesus in... Read more
  • Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Lessons From the Life and Legacy of Blessed Karl

    Sometimes it is hard to believe that saints were once flesh and blood: So often we see church statues of the blessed that look unreal. Harder still is it to recall that some of these saints had children and that today their descendants are living, breathing men and women. St. Gianna Molla is... Read more
  • For the Love of Mary

    My journey to baptism started with a plunge into water. My wife and I were awakened late at night by an odd sound. We stumbled downstairs to investigate, but finding nothing amiss, went back to our room. Then we heard the crash. We jumped up and peered out the windows, but saw only the dark and... Read more
  • Cause of ‘Mother of Lepers’ Opens in Poland

    WARSAW, Poland — The beatification cause of a Polish missionary doctor known as the “mother of lepers” was opened Sunday.  Bishop Damian Bryl inaugurated the diocesan phase of the cause of Wanda Błeńska at Poznań Cathedral, western Poland, Oct. 18, the feast of St.... Read more