• Meeting Christ In His Church: On the Feast of the Ascension

    About 45 minutes outside of Detroit, there is a Protestant church I pass by several times a year, and for years now this church has had a curious sign in front of it. The sign reads, “Believe in Christ, not a religion.” Even disagreeing with the content of the message, I suppose you have... Read more
  • The Meaning of the Resurrection Is the Triumph of Mercy

    Sunday’s Gospel records a post-Resurrection appearance of Jesus in which a flow of mercy to sinners starts that will not stop until we have all attained the goal of our faith, the salvation of our souls, as St. Peter tells us in the epistle. Gospel (Read Jn 20:19-31) The... Read more
  • God’s Perfect Mercy – A Meditation for Divine Mercy Sunday

    We live in times in which mercy, like so many other things, has become a detached concept in people’s minds, separated from the things that really help us to understand it. For indeed, mercy makes sense and is necessary because we are sinners in desperate shape. Yet many today think it unkind... Read more
  • How the Resurrection Narratives Fit Together

    People are sometimes confused by the differences in the Gospels’ infancy narratives and their resurrection narratives. Sometimes it is claimed that they contradict each other. I’ve already written about how the infancy narratives fit together. You can read that here. Now I’d... Read more
  • Pope Francis urges us to read Chapter 9 of John’s Gospel today

    Pope Francis began Sunday Mass on March 22 by expressing this prayer intention: “In these days we’re hearing the news of so many people who are dying… dying alone, without being able to say goodbye to their loved ones.” Let’s think about them and pray for them. For families as... Read more
  • The Need for Moral Preaching in the New Evangelization

    In this article, I would like to offer an argument for the prominent inclusion of moral preaching as part of the ministry of homiletic preaching in the new evangelization. The Archdiocese of Detroit, to which I belong, has taken as a motto for its new evangelization initiative, “Unleash... Read more
  • Where Would the Faith of the Blind Man Lead Us?

    The blind beggar, from the Gospel of Luke, is sitting, waiting, by the side of the road. He hears the hustle and bustle of a crowd. Though blind, he feels the presence of divinity, and asks what it means. He hears that Jesus of Nazareth, the hope of his salvation, is present here and now. So, he... Read more
  • The Queenship of Mary is Deeply Rooted in Scripture

    Pope Pius XII established Aug. 22 as the Memorial of the Queenship of Mary in 1954; but Mary’s role as queen over the universal Church finds its roots in the Scriptures. At the Annunciation, the archangel Gabriel announced that Mary’s Son would rule forever on the throne of David. At... Read more
  • Beware the Hypocrisy of the “Spiritual but Not Religious”

    We live in the age of the designer God, when many claim the right to imagine and craft their own version of god. Some of them refer to it as “the god within.” Others call it “the god of my understanding.” Still others speak of “the Jesus I know.” A consistent feature of these... Read more
  • The Biblical Roots of the Assumption of Mary

    While the actual event of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven is not recorded in the Scriptures, there is a biblical basis for the teaching that, considered as a whole, confirms Catholic teaching as both fitting and in keeping with biblical principles. Let’s ponder this feast in stages: The... Read more