• “The end of Hong Kong”

    Crossing the border between mainland China and Hong Kong has always illuminated stark differences. On one side, the internet is censored, any dissent could lead to imprisonment, unregistered churches meet quietly, and the Chinese Communist Party rules with an iron fist. On the other, people... Read more
  • Pope Francis entrusts China to the Blessed Virgin Mary

     Pope Francis Sunday entrusted China to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and asked people to pray for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the most populated country in the world. “Dear Catholic brothers and sisters in China, I wish to assure you that the universal Church, of which you... Read more
  • Bishop in exile says Nicaragua faces two crisises: Coronavirus and Ortega

    According to a Nicaraguan bishop exiled in 2019 for his own safety at Pope Francis’s request, his country today faces two crises: A social and political meltdown and the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, which the government of President Daniel Ortega has labeled a “common flu” and which has... Read more
  • Guaidó advisers quit following bungled Venezuela raid

    Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó said Monday that two U.S.-based political advisers have resigned in the fallout from a failed incursion into the Caribbean nation led by a former-Green Beret aimed at capturing President Nicolás Maduro. Guaido said he accepted the resignations of... Read more
  • Concerns of calamity raised as locusts swarm eastern Africa

    Scenes like those in the book of Exodus are unfolding in Eastern Africa, as millions of desert locusts swarm the region, in the worst infestation in 70 years. The calamity is becoming a concern of the Catholic bishops in the region, who fear the infestation is adding a burden to the people... Read more
  • Italy Starts to Reopen

    MAY 4, PHASE TWO, ITALY STARTS TO RE-OPEN The long-awaited partial reopening of what is hoped will be a post-coronavirus Italy began today. Italians have been patient beyond belief in bearing with some of the strictest lockdown rules and regulations imaginable. And, though they handled... Read more
  • Finally, an image of hope from Italy

    Giorgio Gori, the mayor of Bergamo, Italy, on Saturday, April 18, published on Twitter an image accompanied by a comment that is very brief and simple, but sufficiently moving and powerful for it to stand out on hundreds of news sites around the world: “The church in the Bergamo... Read more
  • US Religious Freedom Commission Highlights India in Annual Report

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Abuse of Muslims, Christians, and other minorities in India drew the attention of a federal religious freedom watchdog in its annual report released on Tuesday. “India took a sharp downward turn in 2019,” concluded the 2020 annual report of the U.S. Commission... Read more
  • Arrested Catholic lawyer warns of Chinese repression in Hong Kong

    A Catholic lawyer says his arrest last Saturday is part of mainland China’s wide-ranging efforts to tighten control over Hong Kong. His ordeal follows his participation in months of pro-democracy protests on the island, which have been slowed by the coronavirus pandemic. Hong Kong... Read more
  • Hunger in Venezuela becoming ‘a fuel more dangerous than gasoline’

    An archbishop in Venezuela warned that desperation is growing in the country, as the national coronavirus quarantine measures have compounded a tenuous political and economic situation. He urged people in the country to resist violence and social unrest. Extreme hunger “does not reason... Read more