• Poland’s leader wants churches defended, condemns protests

    WARSAW, Poland — Poland’s powerful ruling party leader urged his supporters Tuesday to defend the predominantly Catholic nation’s churches, potentially setting the stage for clashes with demonstrators angry at a court ruling that severely restricts abortions. The call Tuesday by... Read more
  • China’s Catholic Leviathan: Jesuits and the Sino-Vatican Agreement

    On October 22nd, the Holy See Press Office announced that the Vatican has renewed its agreement with China’s state officials – the new expiration date of the agreement is October 22, 2022. The Vatican states: The primary objective of the Provisional Agreement regarding the appointment of... Read more
  • Addition of Cuba, China, Russia to UN Human Rights Council draws criticism

    A human rights group in Cuba criticized the election of China, Cuba, and Russia to the UN Human Rights Council, despite the history of authoritarianism and significant human rights abuses in each country. “The undeserved election of the Cuban totalitarian regime for a seat on the Human... Read more
  • Far-Left Activists Deny Chinese Oppression of Uighurs

    On Sept. 5, Margaret Kimberley, editor and columnist of the far-left Black Agenda Report, tweeted to her 28,000 followers a screenshot of a headline comparing the conditions in China’s Xinjiang to Nazi Germany. She wrote: “These are lies. There is no evidence of Uighur ‘concentration... Read more
  • Mistaken identity

    On May 20, 2015, Xiaoxing Xi, a physics professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, gave a lecture at an Irish pub before picking up his wife from the airport and trying out a new Korean fried chicken restaurant with his two daughters. The next morning before 7 o’clock, Xi and his... Read more
  • Christian Armenia is Under Attack

    Last week, Azerbaijan reignited its long-simmering war with Armenia over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. The region, known in Armenian as Artsakh, has a Christian Armenian population of about 150,000, which makes it a minority territory in Muslim Azerbaijan (population 10 million). Thirty... Read more
  • Catholic Hong Kong activist Jimmy Lai: ‘The Lord is suffering with me’

    A recently arrested Hong Kong entrepreneur and media executive said this week that he plans to stay in Hong Kong to face criminal charges stemming from his support for democracy on the island territory. The executive, Jimmy Lai, said that the Chinese Communist Party wants to supplant religion... Read more
  • Despite Differing Perspectives, US-Vatican Secretaries of State Discuss a Way Forward With China

    U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Vatican counterparts discussed their “respective positions” on relations with China in a “respectful, relaxed and cordial atmosphere,” the Vatican said today. In a short statement responding to reporters’ questions, Vatican... Read more
  • Chinese Catholics angry over book claiming Jesus killed sinner

    Part of the cover page of the school textbook that has caused a row in China. Its content distorted a Bible story to say Jesus killed a woman who committed adultery. (Photo: UCA News) Catholics in mainland China are upset about the distortion of a Bible story in a school textbook, which claims... Read more
  • Iraqi archbishop who saved ancient manuscripts nominated for EU prize

    An Iraqi archbishop who helped save hundreds of ancient manuscripts from being destroyed by Islamic State militants was among the nominees for the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize. In a statement released Sept. 17, the European Parliament announced that Chaldean Archbishop Najib... Read more