It is that time of the year when we are easily focused on receiving and giving gifts from others that we easily fall for the oldest lie in the books:

The more we get, the more joy that we will have in life. Knowingly or unknowingly, we believe and live by this lie, constantly searching for more, and convincing ourselves that we must have better, more beautiful, more efficient, and more up-to-date things. We lose all our inner peace and joy because the more we get, the more we want. We say to ourselves, “One more thing… one more pleasure…one more relationship,” but we never really pause and ask ourselves, “How much is truly enough?”

The words of St. Paul in the season of Advent serves to bring us back to our senses about the true source of joy. He says, “Rejoice in the Lord always.” He is exhorting his brethren to find their joy in the Lord always even as he himself is suffering in his prison cell. The prison chains cannot quench his inner joy in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. He reminds them and us that our joy cannot be found in acquiring and enjoying more and more things in this life but in the Lord Jesus.

But what does he mean by “rejoice in the Lord always?” We rejoice in the first place because “the Lord is near.” Our reconciliation with God is the very first step to enter into this joy. Secondly, we have this joy when our lives show that we have been reconciled with God, “Your kindness should be known to all.” Our path to deep abiding joy is reconciliation with God received and reconciliation with God evident in constant action.

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